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Transfer Thessaloniki Airport – Taxi – Transfer Thessaloniki

Booking Instructions

Use this guide to make your booking, step by step.

To start the process, go to Homepage and select:

1. “From”: Fill in your pickup point (eg. Thessaloniki Airport)

* It is necessary that you specify the exact pickup point.

You may provide an address, (eg 28, Korai Str., Thessaloniki) or a venue (eg Makedonia Palace Hotel, Thessaloniki, Greece).

XLNS Transfer Services will pick you up from the indicated point.

2. “To”: Fill in your destination (eg. Ouranoupolis, Chalkidiki)

No matter the destination, within or outside Greece, XLNS Transfer will take you there safely and responsibly.

3. “Pick Up”: Please select the date and time of pickup from your indicated point

* If you are arriving by airplane, please fill in the arrival time of your fight, as indicated on your ticket. The driver will wait for you at the airport, with your name displayed on the Tablet screen.

Later during the booking process, you will be prompted to fill in the Flight Number.

  1. *ATTENTION* All times in this website are in local Greek time

4. Return (Optional): If your booking is one-way, please leave this filed blank.

If you wish to book a Round Trip, please select the date and time you wish to be picked up for your return.

* If you plan to return at the Airport, please take into account the time needed from your location to the airport. Especially during the summer and from holiday resorts (eg Halkidiki), we strongly recommend that you take into consideration the increased traffic conditions.

5. “Passengers”: On the left side, please select the number of adults and on right side, please select the number of children traveling with you.

Click on the “Next” button to continue to the next step of your booking.

1. “VEHICLE”: From the suggested vehicles, please select the one that suits your requirements best.

Passenger car and VIP car are ideal for up to 4 passengers, while the Mini Van and VIP Van are suitable for up to 8 passengers.

For bookings for more than 8 passengers, please contact our company by email or phone.

* If you do not choose a vehicle, you will not be able to move to the next step of your booking.

Click on the “Next” button to move to step Two.

2. At step Two, “EXTRAS”, please select the extras which suit your needs, from the list provided.

Do not forget to tick (√) the Extra you are interested in, on the left of each icon, and the quantity of each Extra on the right.

For those travelling with children, we suggest that you bring your own child seats or booster with which you are more familiar.

Click on the “Next” button to move to step Three.

3. At step Three, “DETAILS”, you will be asked for some extra details for your booking so that we can serve you better.

If you are arriving by plane, you will be asked to provide your flight number. This allows us to keep track of your exact time of arrival in case of delayed flights.

If you have chosen a Round Trip service, and you wish to be picked up from the same address, please tick (√) next to the phrase “Return from the same address”.

If the pickup address is different, then fill in the new pickup address, on the left. In this case the total cost of the route will be re-calculated.

In the “Booking Remarks” field, you may mention any specificity or desire. We will do our best to satisfy your needs, should this is possible.

Click on the “Next” button to move to step Four.

4. At step Four, “CHARGES”, please carefully check the details and fees. If everything is correct, please move to “Payment” to complete your booking.

To complete your booking, fill in your name, surname, mobile phone number (including country code) and your e-mail address.

*All fields are mandatory.

If you wish to have an invoice issued, please tick (√) the corresponding box.

Four payment methods are available:

Direct bank transfer (Make your payments directly to our bank account)

Cash- on- delivery (Pay the driver after you have been transferred to your destination)


Debit/ Credit Card (use your debit or credit card)

Before you click the “Send Order” button, please tick (√) in the box next to “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the website”.

Upon completion of your booking and after clicking the “Send Order” button, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with all the details of your booking, including the booking number (Order ID: 1234).

For your pickup, please print the confirmation e-mail or have it available digitally.

One day (24 hours) prior to your pickup, you will receive a reminder e-mail with the booking details. If you don’t wish to ask for any changes, please click “Accept” at the bottom.

* If you have asked to receive an invoice, you will be sent an e-mail with instructions on the further details needed for the invoice issuance, further to which you will receive your invoice by e-mail.

We thank you for your trust.

XLNS Transfer Thessaloniki.