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Terms of use

Terms of Use


Website  (“Website”), the owner and administrator of which is the company “XLNS Transfer Thessaloniki” based in Thessaloniki, allows its users to get informed about the transfer services provided by the company in Greece and abroad, and to make their bookings.


1. General Terms of Use


1.1 Visitors/ users of our website are kindly requested to read carefully the following Terms of Use which govern the use of this website, as well as the Conditions of Service, before visiting it. Visitors’ stay on this website implies unconditional acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions. Should any of the following Terms not be fully understood, please contact the webmaster.


1.2 Website reserves the right to partially amend these Terms at any time, without prior notice to its users. Any modifications to the terms shall become effective only after they have been posted online and included herein.


1.3 If any visitors disagree with the following Terms of Use and Conditions of Service, they are encouraged to leave the website and not to use the services provided.


2. Booking-Payment process


2.1 XLNS Transfer Thessaloniki provides transfer services in Greece and abroad. On our website you can book our services, by choosing your time and place of transfer. Transfer is performed by the respective carrier each time.


2.2 To finalize a booking on this website, it is necessary to explicitly and unconditionally accept the following terms of use and conditions, expressed through the user’s statement to have read, fully understood, agree with the Terms of Use, which he/she fully accepts. A booking may not be finalized if the user does not explicitly accept the terms and conditions of the website. Users act also on behalf of and on account of their co-passengers, who are bound by the user’s statement of acceptance of the terms and hence their consent must be first obtained.


2.3 All the information users are requested to provide during the booking process is necessary for the execution of our services. For this reason, please be take particular care in order to provide accurate information. Once you receive the confirmation e-mail for your booking, please check the information included therein and in the event of any mistake, please notify us the soonest possible.


2.4 Upon completion of the booking, users are required to arrange their financial obligations. Our company reserves the right to refuse to provide a service if the respective cost has not been paid.


2.5 By accepting these terms, users confirm that they own the debit or credit card used, and that there are credit schemes or balance available, to cover the cost of the service provided.


2.6 Users should have the confirmation e-mail received upon completion of the booking process available and present it to the driver at boarding. If the confirmation e-mail is not shown, either electronically or printed, the carrier is entitled to refuse your transfer.


3. Obligations and Rights of the Parties


3.1 The carrier is required to pick you up and transfer you from / to the point you have indicated. If it is impossible to access that point, the carrier is obliged to take you to the nearest point, as long as the vehicle’s specifications allow such access and if your safety is not jeopardized. Safety of our customers is our priority.


3.2 In cases of exogenous special restrictions, such as (indicatively) increased traffic, extreme weather conditions, demonstrations, traffic regulations, etc., disembarkation and boarding may not be possible. In such cases, you will be picked up or disembarked at the nearest point possible.


3.3 Our company’s vehicles always follow the shortest and safest routes. If, at the customer’s request, the driver follows another, longer than the usual route, additional charges may arise.


3.4 Customers are required to inform the company in advance of any changes or cancellations of their bookings. Requests for booking change / cancellation must be submitted at least 36 hours before the scheduled transfer. If the change is due to delay, cancellation, postponement, change of flight number, customers are required to notify the company immediately after they are informed of the above changes. You may notify us by e-mail or using the “My Booking Changes” option available on our website. In order for any change to become effective, you should receive an e-mail confirming such change. The last e-mail received by our compaany shall be in force, cancelling all the previous ones, including the original confirmation e-mail.


3.5. If you travel by plane, the carrier is required to wait for you at the meeting point for 60 minutes after your flight has arrived. If you believe that you will be delaying more than 60 minutes, you should notify the company. After this time (60’) has elapsed and if you have not informed us, the carrier will try to contact you at the phone number you have provided. If this communication is not feasible, the booking shall be considered void and your money will not be refunded. In the event that the pickup point is not at the airport, all the above applies, but the waiting time is 30 minutes. If you cannot locate the driver, you should immediately inform XLNS Transfer Thessaloniki. If you do not notify us, the transfer shall be void and you are not eligible for a refund.


3.6 Some changes to your booking may incur additional costs, which shall be borne exclusively by the customer. This cost must be paid before your transfer. Users may make up to three changes to the same booking, free of charge. Any change further to that, even if requested in time, i.e. less than 36 hours from the transfer and accepted by the company in the form of an e-mail, shall be charged with management costs of 8,00 euros.


3.7 By accepting the terms of use, you also declare that you are an adult and have full legal capacity, in order to comply with the requirements hereof.


4. Communication


4.1 At present, is available in two languages: Greek and English. We communicate with our clients in these two languages. In the event of a translation divergence, the Greek version shall prevail.


4.2 Communication with our customers is made by e-mail. In extraordinary and exceptional cases, this may take place by telephone.


4.3 We will be communicating with you at the e-mail address and the phone number you have declared during the booking process. For this reason, please check your e-mail regularly and if there is any change to that information, please notify us the soonest possible.


5. Other terms


5.1 To satisfy any additional requests you might have, for example, if you have more luggage, child seats, etc., please let us know during the booking process. We will forward them to the carrier and we will do our best to satisfy them. However, if your additional requests are not met, any additional costs paid shall be refunded, our company being free from any further liability whatsoever.


5.2 Any changes suggested during your transfer will be subject to approval by the carrier.


5.3 Our company does not guarantee the type of vehicle you will be transferred with. There is a possibility that the vehicle initially arranged for your transfer to be replaced by a new vehicle, of the same or higher category. All our vehicles are insured and meet all specifications in accordance with the applicable Greek legislation.


5.4 XLNS Transfer and carriers have the right to refuse transfer to persons considered to represent a possible threat to the driver, the other passengers or the vehicle, such as in the event of use of alcohol or drugs. In these cases, customers are not eligible for refund.


5.5 Consuming alcohol, smoking or using illegal substances is not allowed during the trip.


5.6 In the event of accident, the company shall be liable only in cases where it is irrevocably judged that the accident is due to the company’s fault and only in cases of intentional or gross negligence.


6. Cases of force majeure


6.1 Where there are cases of force majeure, our company is exempt from the obligation to pay compensation. Force majeure is considered to be any Act of God, the occurrence of which is unpredictable by nature and unavoidable.


7. Children


7.1. If you are traveling with children, you must declare that during the booking process.


7.2 For your convenience, we recommend that you bring your own child seats or booster.


7.3 If you ask our company to provide you with child seats or booster for the transfer, your request shall be subject to availability of such equipment at the carrier.

 7.4 Children and infants count as normal passengers.


8. People with disabilities


8.1 Persons with disabilities traveling in special wheelchair or other aids are required to notify us at the booking process, so that we can provide the best possible service. Our company does not yet have special vehicles and staff for people with disabilities therefore please make sure that our vehicles can serve you, before finalizing your booking with us.


9. Luggage


9.1 Each passenger is expected to have one suitcase and one hand baggage. If a passenger has additional luggage, this must be declared during the booking process.


9.2 By accepting these terms, you acknowledge that your luggage does not contain objects that are considered illegal under the applicable Greek Legislation.


9.3 If you fail to notify us on any extra luggage during the booking process and an extra vehicle is necessary to carry your extra luggage, the additional costs shall be borne exclusively by the customer.


9.4 We provide guaranteed services and take care of the safety of your luggage. However, in the event of loss or damage due to the passengers’ fault, our company shall not bear any liability.


10. Pets


10.1 If animals are traveling with you, you must have previously informed our company during the booking process. Customers should transfer their pets in a special pet transport box, otherwise the carrier is entitled to refuse the transfer, in which case you are not entitled to a refund.


11. Privacy Policy


11.1 In order to provide its services, our company collects personal data of its customers, such as name, identity card / passport / driving license number, e-mail address, telephone number, address, etc., which are absolutely necessary for the preparation and execution of the lease contract, as enforced by the applicable legislation (see Law 4093/2012 as amended and in force and the Joint Ministry Decisions and tax legislation).


11.2 We declare that our company requires only the personal data necessary for the drafting of the lease contract and that such data are processed by the Company’s Processing Manager only for the above purpose. We take all appropriate organizational and technical measures to ensure that the data we collect for the provision of our services is processed in accordance with the Law.


11.3 It is noted that in virtue of Regulation (EC) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, you may additionally exercise the following rights deriving from the provisions thereof:


  • Access and rectification of your personal data in case of inaccurate data being processed.

  • Right to erasure, if your personal data these are no longer necessary for the provision of a service

  • Right to restriction of processing

  • Opposing process of your data

  • Portability of your data to another controller, i.e. the right to receive your personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and have the right to transmit those data to another controller.


11.4 By accepting these terms of use, you consent to the abovementioned legitimate processing of the personal data we collect as part of our services.


12. Use of Cookies


Our website uses cookies, the use of which the website visitors accept, by giving their consent, in order to upgrade the visitors’ browsing experience.


13. Jurisdiction-Applicable Law


13. 1 The present terms of use, any lease contract and, in general, any transaction between our company and its customers are governed by Greek law


13.2 The Courts of Thessaloniki are the competent courts for any disputes arising out of this contract.