How far is Thessaloniki from Athens

How far is Thessaloniki from Athens

Thessaloniki is 499 km away from Athens.

There are many ways and means of transportation to get to Athens starting from Thessaloniki, but the fastest one is by plane.

You must keep in mind that this can sometimes be the most expensive option as well. You can plan your trip earlier to achieve a better price and make a good use of your time in Greece. This flight lasts about 40 minutes.

However if you prefer to travel by land you would have to choose between train, bus, rental car or hired car with driver included.

There are fast and slow trains that can take you directly to Athens, starting from Thessaloniki railway station. Trains depart five times every day, all days of the week. This option offers you a relaxed and stress free journey. You will also have the chance to pass through many towns and villages and enjoy the scenery.

There are plenty of itineraries so that you can choose the one that suits you best. Keep in mind that this trip lasts from 4 to 6 hours depending on the kind of train you choose. Also the price of the ticket depends on the kind of the train. Inside the train you will have access to the canteen for snacks and drinks. It is good to know that travelling by train is the cheapest way to get to Athens but the price varies, depending on the date and time of departure.

Another way to get to Athens is by bus. Thessaloniki KTEL station at Monastiriou st. is the starting point for all long distance buses. Buses depart every day and every three hours. This trip lasts about six hours, stops included. KTEL buses are air conditioned and offer free wifi.

If you want to explore the mainland and spend some time on certain destinations, while you’re heading to Athens, you may consider renting a car. Alternatively you can book a private transfer and you won’t have to worry about routes and driving. There are numerous places and sights you can arrange to have stops to.

Your driver probably will be able to suggest some too. This trip lasts at least 5 hours depending on the number of stops you need. Of course if you want to see sightseeing the trip will definitely last more than 6 hours.
Car rental companies usually offer cars with manual transmission. If you need an automatic car you will have to pay a little extra for it. For American visitors, an international license along with the state driver’s license is required. You can always choose to hire a car with a driver to take you to Athens and the price might surprise you.

There are professionals who offer transfer services from Thessaloniki to any destination, including Athens. You will not have to worry about routes, driving or tolls and you will deninatelly arrive on time.

Make an effort to see the cost of transportation from Thessaloniki to Athens car with driver