Thessaloniki Airport Taxi Overview

thessaloniki airport transfer

The most convenient method to get from Thessaloniki Airport SKG to Thessaloniki centre is by taxi. This overview reveals to you how to do it the most effective method.

The easiest way to organize your Thessaloniki Airport Transfer SKG is to pre-book it online. In this manner, you will not waste any time on arrival but you will be able to get to your hotel or any other destination  just after your flight’s landing.

In these times of social distancing, it’s likewise much better to choose a taxi than a public bus, where people stand close to each other, without special safety measures. You must also keep in mind: Buses come through approximately every 40 minutes, implying if you simply missed out on one, the overall bus trip time to Thessaloniki center can be upwards of 70 mins. And this does not mean that you will be at your final destination since hotels and hostels are not all in the center of the city. You should also keep in mind the weight of your luggage while moving from one place to another.

You may think that it would cost much more to pre-book a taxi, to wait for you at the Airport or your hotel. This is not the case here. By pre-booking your means of transfer you pay the very same rate as you would by obtaining a taxi from the airport or outside your hotel. Furthermore, you will be informed of the exact amount of money you will pay without unpleasant extra charges.

The advantages of pre-booking your transfer means are plenty and important. First of all, you will not lose time on searching for a bus or a taxi outside the airport’s terminal. Also, you will not have to wait in a queue for the next available taxi. Instead your driver will be waiting there for you, holding a sign with your name on it. It is as simple as that!

Especially if you have heavy luggage or your trip was long and tiring, it is lifesaving to have someone waiting for you at the airport, ready to assist you and offer transfer services. The distance from Thessaloniki Airport terminal to the center of Thessaloniki is around 20kms. The trip by taxi takes around thirty minutes. The bus is about 10-20 mins slower depending on the road’s traffic and the bus stops.

Thessaloniki taxis can be quickly identified because of their colours. Being blue with white roofing systems they actually stand out.

Many visitors use Thessaloniki airport to land near Halkidiki, a well known tourist destination. Since Halkidiki has no airport, Thessaloniki airport is the closest one to the amazing beaches and locations of Halkidiki.

It takes simply about an hour by taxi from Thessaloniki Airport terminal to Halkidiki, while the day prices are around 80 euro. Night transfers cost a bit more, about 104 euros.

You might  prefer to take a taxi from the queue outside Thessaloniki airport instead of pre-book one. Do not stress, this is also an easy task.

As you leave the arrivals location, you’ll see the line of taxis waiting for customers. There will also be many people waiting their turn to take the next available taxi. Something to think about when landing at Thessaloniki Airport SKG: The typical transfer cost from Thessaloniki airport terminal to Thessaloniki center is about 20 euros, during day hours.  Keep in mind: There is an extra night charge between twelve o’clock at night and 5 am which takes the total cost to around 25 Euro.

By pre-booking online, you will certainly know the cost in advance, and also have no unpleasant surprises on arrival. There are no hidden charges and  there is a free cancelation policy at most transfer service providers (you must confirm that the provider you choose offers free cancelation or be sure of the terms required for claiming it).

Do not hesitate to pin this Thessaloniki taxi overview on your boards for later use. By doing this, you can conveniently locate it for future guidance.