Halkidiki Airport

Halkidiki Airport


Thessaloniki airport transfer  – Where is Halkidiki Airport

Halkidiki is one of the most famous destinations for summer holidays for all ages. Halkidiki is located in the east of Thessaloniki and is known for the three peninsulas which are formed and are called fingers. To travel to Chalkidiki you can use a taxi or bus.


How can I book tickets to Halkidiki airport?

Halkidiki is a mountainous region and therefore there is no airport. “Halkidiki Airport” is Macedonia Airport, which is only half an hour away from the first villages of Halkidiki.


Where is Macedonia airport located?

Macedonia Airport is located in Central Macedonia. It is 20-25 minutes from the center of Thessaloniki and about 40 minutes from Polygyros which is the capital of the Prefecture of Halkidiki.

Airport Macedonia started its operation in 1948. It serves local and international flights to European countries and operates 24 hours as a passenger and freight station. In 2017 the passenger traffic at Macedonia airport exceeded 6 million. The airport will be upgraded and will be completed in 2021. The upgrades include a 47% increase in check-in stations (from 30 to 44), a 75% increase in baggage pick-up areas (from 4 to 7) and a 50% increase in the total number of gates (from 16 to 24).


From which countries and cities can I land at Macedonia Airport?

Flights to and from Macedonia are increasing during the summer period. Flights are made from all airports in mainland Greece such as Athens and Kalamata as well as from the Greek islands such as Crete, Chios, Rhodes, Kos, Santorini etc. You can also fly to Airport Macedonia from many European countries such as Germany, England, Italy, France, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

At Macedonia airport flights are made 24 hours a day. You can easily see the schedule of flights and book tickets at https://www.skg-airport.gr.


How do I travel from Airport Macedonia to Halkidiki?

The transportation from Macedonia to Halkidiki Airport can only be done by taxi or the private bus.


Where do I get the private bus to Halkidiki?

KTEL Halkidiki is located in the city of Thessaloniki close to the Finikas area. There is no direct route via public transport connecting Macedonia airport with KTEL Chalkidiki facilities. You must first go to the city center and from there you will end up at the KTEL Station.

KTEL Halkidiki coaches can not cover the route to any destination you wish to travel. You may need another means to reach your destination. In addition, transporting your luggage from Macedonia Airport to KTEL Chalkidiki Station is an annoying difficulty.


Can I get a taxi from Macedonia airport to Halkidiki?

XLNS taxi services guarantee your transportation safely, timely and without delays from Macedonia airport to Halkidiki. Our driver will be waiting for you in the waiting room. He will hold a tab or tablet showing your name. In case you will not be able to locate the driver, you can contact us to help you directly.

The driver will be checking your flight and there will be no problem in the event of a delay of up to 60 minutes. For delays longer than 60 minutes, the driver will need to redesign your route and waiting time might arise. For your better service, please let us know as soon as you know your flight will be delayed.

The transfers offered by our company are exclusively private transfers. The vehicle to pick you up is there only for you and your traveling companions. We will leave you at the entrance of the venue you have chosen.


Which route will I follow on my trip to Halkidiki?

First finger – Cassandra peninsula

You will use the Thessaloniki – Moudania highway to travel to the first finger of Halkidiki, on the peninsula of Kassandra. On your way you will pass through Agios Pavlos, Nea Kallikratia, Sozopol, Flogita and Nea Moudania. You will find many beaches, as the Thermaic Gulf is on your right hand.

When you arrive at Nea Moudania, you will follow the Nea Moudania – Potidea provincial road. Potidea is the first seaside settlement that you will meet by entering the first finger of Chalkidiki. Popular destinations on the Kassandra peninsula are Posidi and Kallithea.

Possidi is a more youthful destination. At Possidi is the student camp of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Kallithea is a destination for all ages.


Second finger – Sithonia peninsula

The trip to the second leg of Halkidiki is made by passing N. Moudania, following the Polygyros – Nea Potidea provincial road. This route is also pleasant because you will be able to see the Toroneos Gulf. Nikiti is the first town you will encounter as you arrive at the Sithonia peninsula.

Vourvourou and Sarti are famous destinations in the second finger of Halkidiki. The beach of Sarti was awarded in 2004-2005 by thalassa.gr as one of the ten best beaches in Greece. On the second finger it is definitely worth visiting also the Forest Park of Psaria.


Third finger – Athos peninsula

The third finger of Halkidiki is the Athos peninsula. You will travel through the Thessaloniki Polygyros highway to reach the third finger of Halkidiki. Polygyros is the capital of the Regional Unity of Halkidiki in Central Macedonia. The Summer Polygyros Festival has been held since 2009. It includes events with theatrical performances, concerts, teen wave and beach volley tournaments.

To reach Ierissos you will travel through the Polygyros – Ierissos provincial road. Ierissos is the last town you will encounter before entering the Athos peninsula.

This is a special route through mountain areas. During your trip you will pass through the Wildlife Refuge of Agios Prodromos – Vavos and the Wildlife Refuge of Havria, which are worth visiting.

Mount Athos or Holy Mountain is located on the peninsula of Athos. Mount Athos includes twenty male Holy Monasteries and since 1988 has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


XLNS allows you to select the route you want to reach your destination. You can trust us for your transportation and in Halkidiki for the duration of your holiday because our drivers are perfectly aware of the area’s road network.

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