Is it safe to travel to Thessaloniki?

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Panagiotis Haritidis writes for XLNS Thessaloniki Airport Transfer


Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece. It is located in Central Macedonia, in the northern part of the country. Thessaloniki is located in Thermaikos Gulf. 


What should I watch out for in Greece? 

Greek residents are known for their hospitality and their willingness to help. A significant percentage of residents either know English or can understand their basic concepts in order to give you instructions if you need them. But, even if you do not know a foreign language, Greeks are ready to help as much as they can. Although Greece belongs to the European Union, it has never been the target of a terrorist threat, as happened in Belgium and France. No attempted hijacking has ever taken place. At the same time, plane crashes are extremely rare and the vast majority of them occurred in the last century. 


Greece is a seismogenic country, but there is no reason to worry. The summer months are dominated by fires due to high temperatures. However, they are not a risk with proper information from the authorities and the necessary protection measures. 

You do not need to get a vaccine or receive additional protection for your health. You will only need your sunglasses and sunscreen during the summer months to enjoy its beautiful and golden beaches!


Is there safety in Thessaloniki?

Thessaloniki is a safe city. The dangers are the same as in any big city. There is danger in public transport and in some notorious areas at night, which are far from the city center. 


Crime rates are low. In particular, there are very low rates of street robberies. It is unlikely that you will fall victim to fraud. Women do not have to face any extra risk. However, crime is higher in crowded places. Passers-by’s bags, cell phones and other items in their pockets are possible targets for pickpockets. there is no need to worry, if you take the necessary precautions. Do not carry large sums of money or many bags. 

At night it is best to avoid isolated streets and alleys as in any city. In particular, avoid the areas around the Railway Station, Ampelokipi and Menemeni, as well as Dendropotamos which is located outside the urban complex. As long as you tour Thessaloniki using the main streets, such as Tsimiski, even at night there is no problem. 


Thessaloniki has eleven hospitals. Many of them are located near or in the city center and are easily accessible. The medical association announces every week the hospitals that are on duty. 


Is it safe to travel with my family to Thessaloniki?

Thessaloniki is ideal for family trips! It is safe for children and there are rich activities and places for young people to visit. 


Thessaloniki’s residents love to walk with their children in Nea Paralia and the White Tower. In the summer days to the West of the sun, the beach of Thessaloniki is filled with people who enjoy their walk and the wandering musicians. You will see people having their picnics, reading and enjoying the summer sun. You can try the bike ride, as there are bike lanes along the beach for your safety. 


Can I travel to Thessaloniki safely if I am a woman?


Women face no threat in Thessaloniki. Greece is a tourist country and there is no conservatism in Greek society. You don’t have to worry about getting dressed or taking any extra precautions. There is no problem as like in Islamic countries.


Is it safe to travel alone in Thessaloniki?


Traveling without an escort or company is generally more dangerous. You will not encounter any additional danger, since crime rates are low. However, it is advisable to be properly prepared before leaving for your trip.


What measures can I take to protect myself on my trip to Thessaloniki?


It is advisable to consult your country’s Foreign Ministry before you start your journey. This way you will avoid dangerous incidents or even extra inconvenience on your trip and you will be informed about what you need to pay more attention to. 

A common tip when traveling to other countries is to photocopy your passport and ID in color copies. Having the copies on you will make sure that the official documents are not lost and there are no issues with the authorities. 


It is best not to display expensive jewelry or to transfer large sums of money. As long as you are out of the place of residence, you can have small amounts of money with you. If you use credit cards for your transactions, it is best to travel with 2 credit cards. It is safer to withdraw money from the hotel’s ATM or central busy areas.

Travel insurance is an option that has gained more supporters in recent years.

When you start your journey make sure you have a tour guide and map with you. You can also enter the emergency numbers of the country you are traveling to in the event of an accident.

Do not hesitate to ask for help from the locals. The Greeks are very friendly. 

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