Is there a beach in Thessaloniki?


Panagiotis Haritidis writes for XLNS Thessaloniki Airport Transfer


Is there a beach in Thessaloniki?

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece! It is located in Central Macedonia and looks on Thermaikos Gulf. The Nea Paralia of Thessaloniki is an attraction for both residents and visitors to the city. The most famous attraction on the beach front of Thessaloniki is the White Tower (

Starting from Thessaloniki, everyone has the opportunity to travel to famous tourist resorts in Halkidiki, Pieria and Meteora. A great privilege for the city is the fact that it is at the center of all these famous destinations. However, there are other lesser-known destinations nearby, such as Vergina and old Pella.


In which beaches in Thessaloniki can I swim?

There is one of the largest ports in Europe in Thermaikos Gulf, that of Thessaloniki. The beach of the city is not suitable for summer dives because it is located next to the urban fabric.

Nea Paralia, however, is a great attraction of Thessaloniki. Its area is 3.5 km and it embraces the entire coastal front of the city! In Nea Paralia there are theme parks to relax and walk. There is also the White Tower.

What can I do in Nea Paralia?

For anyone visiting Thessaloniki for the first time, a tour of the White Tower is a must ( The White Tower was built in the 15th century AD. Originally used as a prison, it is now the city’s most distinctive monument and serves as a museum. The view over the White Tower is magnificent. The visitor sees the whole Thermaikos gulf, the port as well as the whole area of ​​the coastal front up to the Concert Hall. In fact, when the sky is clear, Olympus, one of the highest mountains in Europe, can be seen opposite the White Tower!

The famous boats of Thessaloniki are anchored a few meters from the base of the White Tower. The boats undertake to “travel” their passengers along the beach. Especially at sunset, the boat ride offers unique moments of relaxation and enjoyment. Passengers can see the port, Perea and Halkidiki up close. Coffee and drinks complete the beautiful boating.

No visitor should miss the opportunity to see the whole of Nea Paralia. If you want to enjoy the sun, the sea and the summer sounds of the musicians playing all over the beach, you are in the right place. You can enjoy your bike ride, as there is a special bike path on the beach. If you do not have a bicycle, you can rent or choose the city’s electronic skates. In additional, there is the horseback riding. A simple walk can be a pleasure as well.

In Nea Paralia there is also the Concert Hall which has hosted great and important musical performances. Concerts, exhibitions, a summer cinema and conferences are also held at the Megaron site.

For those looking for more action on their vacation, on the east side of Nea Paralia there are football, basketball and tennis courts. They are located by the sea and are free for everyone beyond the hours of classes and training. In the statue of Alexander the Great, a few meters from the White Tower, is the meeting point for skate and BMX lovers.

Where can I go for a swim near Thessaloniki?

The nearest beach in Thessaloniki is Epanomi and Halkidiki. The beaches of Halkidiki gather the most blue flags of the country and give unique landscapes. The beaches of Pieria are also close to Thessaloniki. Although not very well known, they combine unique landscapes with Olympus dominating them. A special beauty is the beach located below Litochoro, the beach of Plaka.

Which beaches of Halkidiki are closer to Thessaloniki?

The beach of Epanomi promises moments of carefreeness and relaxation to its visitors and lies two steps outside Thessaloniki,. The beach of Epanomi or Potamos is known for its clear waters and for this reason it has a blue flag. The river that flows into the beach cleans the waters in a natural way. Potamos is also known for the shipwreck on its beach. The shipwreck gives visitors a very special landscape that they will not be able to find anywhere else.

At a distance of 35 minutes from Thessaloniki is the beach of Nea Iraklia. The blue and shallow waters of the beach characterize Nea Iraklia. It is ideal for family vacations, as it can offer peace and relaxation. In recent years, the reconstruction of the area has progressed and you can enjoy its coolness at the beach bars and its traditional taverns.

A few kilometers from Nea Iraklia is the beach of Nea Kallikratia. The beautiful town of Halkidiki is located just 30 km away from Thessaloniki. In the new Kallikratia there are well-known hotels such as the Aegean Blue Beach Hotel and the Secret Paradise Hotel & Spa. The beach bars are filled every summer with young people and tourists and their music and dances last until the morning. The calm and warm waters of Nea Kallikratia will make you visit it again (

How can I travel to the nearest beaches in Thessaloniki?

The ideal way to relax on your vacation and to visit the emerald beaches near Thessaloniki is by taxi. XLNS’ passenger vehicles can get you to your destination quickly and on time so you do not miss a single minute of your vacation. You can choose your own route and visit every possible destination. You can ask the opinion of our drivers about the beaches you want to see and ask their opinion about your accommodation and food. Your company can travel comfortably and economically to any destination inside and outside Thessaloniki.