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Day tour Thessaloniki
Edessa - Pozar
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Vergina Pella
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Edessa - Pozar

XLNS transfer gives you the opportunity to visit Edessa and Pozar Thermal baths in one day tour.

Day Tour Pozar
Day Tour Pozar

Our excursion begins from Thessaloniki as we head to Edessa, the capital of Pella. Edessa is known as the town of water. The beautiful natural scenery and great waterfalls are the city’s main characteristics. Visitors can see the famous waterfalls (the biggest in the Balkans) at close range and take magnificent photos. Next to the waterfalls there is the outdoor water museum.

Day Tour Edessa
Day Tour Edessa Pozar

Afterwards we will head to Pozar. Located to the foothills of mount Voras, Pozar are well known thermal baths. Many visitors come to Pozar just to enjoy the healing baths which are recommended for a number of health conditions. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the spa therapies and shop traditional Greek products.


This tour lasts about 8 hours. If you want to visit more destinations, we can always take you there by extending the tour. Any transformation can be done after your previous request.

Passenger Car (4 Passengers) : 190 €

Mini Van (8 Passengers) : 210 €

Prices include transportation. They do not include entrance fees in museums, archeological sites, foods or drinks.

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